Is a co-op preschool the right fit for your family?

Being a member of our school means actively taking part in organizing, running and maintenance of the school program and facilities.

These questions can help you decide. If you'd like to enroll your child at our school, we'll ask you to answer similar questions to help us get to know you and your child.

  • How important is it to you to be working in your child's classroom one day a week?
  • How comfortable is your child being dropped off at school when you do not stay?
  • How suitable a fit do you feel a play-based environment, where exploration and foundational motor skills are emphasized over "academics" is for your child?
  • How appropriate is an English-only learning environment for your family?
  • How receptive is your child to feedback, redirection and/or correction?
  • How open are you to suggestions/new methods of communication and correction/discipline?
  • How comfortable are you having other parents and teachers correct/discipline/manage your child?
  • How passionate are you about assisting in various fundraising opportunities for our non-profit co-op school?
  • How beneficial do you feel the school's mandatory monthly meetings will be for your communication needs with the school?
  • How important is it to you that you are fulfilling your monthly maintenance hours (3 hours per month) to ensure our school is clean and safe?
  • In general, how available is your family for events outside the school day (for example, family fun nights, holiday parties, end-of-year celebrations)?