Cotati's Community Preschool

For over 65 years the little red school house in downtown Cotati has brought families together and started kids on their educational journey.

Play Based Learning

Children learn best through play- our curriculum includes art, themed activities and plenty of outside play.

Interested in Attending?

Limited spots are available in our 2, 3, and 4 year old classes.

Welcome to Cotati-Rohnert Park Co-op Nursery School

The Cotati-Rohnert Park Co-op Nursery School believes in educating the whole child, which includes physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. These four overlapping elements are considered equally important. We are also a place for the parents to learn and have fun as they watch their child bloom before their eyes.

We believe in

How We Differ

The Cotati-Rohnert Park Co-op Nursery School is a private, nonprofit organization managed and maintained by its member families. Parent participation is the hallmark of our school and is what makes this school different. Parents participate with their child-learning, playing, discovering, and growing together-in a safe, supportive environment. With guidance and support from our Director/Teacher, who is employed by CRPCNS, parents take an active role in the classroom. Parents keep the adult-to-child ratio low, help with daily classroom maintenance, and bring their own talents to the school for the enrichment of all.

What Parents Say

We have two girls going through this school and it is the best educational decision we ever could have made. We would do it all over again in a heartbeat. If you are looking for a school that is also a community, where you get to be involved in all aspects of your child’s preschool experience this school is it!

Want to learn more about our school?

Contact our membership chair for questions or to arrange a school tour.